Thursday, September 25, 2014

Beautiful Shower Wall Surround for Your Mobile Home Bathroom

Looking to upgrade your bathroom to a one-of-a-kind oasis? A great place to start is with a beautiful mobile home shower surround that gives you ample space and comfort. At, we understand that the time you spend in the shower can be a relaxing escape from the rest of your daily troubles. Be sure to spoil yourself to the fullest with a new mobile home tub surround.

The 54” x 27” 5 piece shower wall surround provides plenty of space for showers and baths. Unlike other showers, you’ll be able to move around without feeling cramped. Better yet, it comes with six convenient shelves that install easily and provide convenient storage for your soaps, shampoo and conditioner. The walls have a high gloss finish and come in almond or white color that’s perfect for most bathrooms. The surround also matches perfectly with the tub and shower faucets sold in our store.

If you’re installing the surrounds yourself, you’ll be happy to know that it comes in five pieces including a back panel, two side panels, and two corner caddies. Each piece easily fits together and can be installed in less than a day. But that’s not the best part. Because it’s available at, you’re able to purchase this surround at a low price of $148. You’re getting a beautiful new shower that’s top-quality and affordable. What could be better than that?

Make the bathroom of your dreams come true. Get your new shower and tub surround today and start relaxing tomorrow. Watch how quickly your worries drift away.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Make Your Mobile Home More Energy Efficient

Mobile home improvements typically fall into one of two categories: aesthetic or functional. Aesthetic improvements such as new flooring or a fresh coat of paint look great, but they won't add storage or help save you money. Functional improvements such as energy efficient mobile home upgrades happen largely behind the scenes to improve your quality of life while reducing your monthly utility bills.

New Windows and Doors

Unless you've replaced your windows and doors in the past 10 years, there's a good chance that they're single-pane, which means that they protect you from the elements with only a single pane of glass. Double-pane vinyl windows start at just over $100, can pay for themselves in just a few short years, and will make you more comfortable year-round. To further increase energy savings, choose low-E or argon gas models.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are notorious energy hogs and can account for as much as 60 percent of your utility bills. You can save 5 to 10 percent on your cooling bills by turning the thermostat up a few degrees during the summer, but to slash your energy consumption, you'll need to invest in a new energy efficient AC system. Look for models with a high SEER rating — a 16 SEER air conditioner will use about 20 percent less electricity than a comparable 13 SEER unit.

Heat Pumps

Most people can't tell the difference between air conditioners and heat pumps. They look exactly the same, and both systems keep your home cool. However, heat pumps can work in reverse during the winter to draw ambient heat from outside into your home, which is more energy efficient than firing up the furnace. Just like air conditioners, high SEER heat pumps can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills.

Ceiling Fans

Moving air helps keep your home's temperature uniform throughout the structure. Ceiling fans use a fraction of the energy that air conditioners require, and you can bump the temperature up a few degrees without feeling any warmer.

LED Light Bulbs

In the past few years, LED light bulbs have dropped in price. Many consumers remain on the fence because LEDs are still more expensive than comparable incandescent bulbs, but they will last you between 20 and 50 years depending on use instead of a year or two. LEDs also use about 25 percent of the electricity while generating less heat.

Seasonal Maintenance

A little caulk can go a long way towards making your home airtight. Make sure that your doors and windows don't have any cracks along their edges, and consider installing some insulation behind your skirting to prevent heat loss through your floor.

Some of these tips you can implement tomorrow while others may take a year or two given the investment involved. Either way, taking the time to make a few of these energy efficient upgrades will go a long way in reducing your utility bills.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

High-Quality Exterior French Doors for Your Mobile Home

Looking to replace the door on your mobile home? Out-swing French doors are worth your consideration. In one fell swoop, you can enhance the appearance of your home by installing these gorgeous doors. There's more to exterior French doors than a stylish outward appearance, though. They pull double-duty by protecting your home from the elements while enhancing its overall energy efficiency too. The best part of all is that you can get them for an absolute steal by purchasing them from

You'll love the upscale appearance of these well-designed French doors, which measure 72 inches by 76 inches. Each door opens outward and is enhanced by strong, clear, attractive windows that allow in plenty of natural light. In turn, the interior of your home will feel airier, brighter and a lot more spacious.

These eye-catching doors won't just give your home a beautiful face-lift. They'll also help protect it much more effectively. They're built to withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour, so even during the wildest storm, you can rest assured that your doors will hold up with ease. The steel edges are further enhanced with top-quality weather-stripping for a double-sealed effect that ensures optimal protection.

Like most people, you're probably concerned about heating and cooling your home while keeping the outdoor air where it belongs, outdoors. To make that happen, it's also crucial to invest in high-quality doors and windows. These lovely French doors boast exceptionally high R-values, which means that they deliver optimal energy efficiency for mobile homes. Once these doors are installed, you never have to worry about inadvertently air conditioning or heating the entire neighborhood.

The factory-installed swivel-latch bolts on these doors
provide optimal security. When ordering, specify which side you need the deadbolt and knob to be on when viewed from the outside. You'll also be pleased to know that these doors are dent and scratch-resistant, so they will continue looking as good as new for a long time to come.

Thanks to's everyday low prices, purchasing out-swing French doors are an affordable investment in the appearance, efficiency and overall quality of your home.

Mobile homes made during or after October 1994 have had to meet a higher standard for insulation. This means that older homes may need a bit more cooling power. If you have an older mobile home, you might need to consult with a contractor who has experience with HVAC systems for mobile homes.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What AC Unit is Right for My Mobile Home?

Finding the right central air conditioning system for a mobile home is important to maintaining a comfortable environment. An air conditioner performs two functions. The first is to lower the temperature of the area by removing heat. The second is to remove excess humidity from the air. If the unit is too small, it will labor to cool the home especially during the warmest times. However, if the unit is too large, it will have difficulty removing the humidity that builds up in the home, which can result in mold, mildew and condensation around the floor registers. To determine the best system, you will need to consider the following factors.

What is the square footage of the home?

The home's square footage should appear on the sales contract, title, tax statement or the permanent tag affixed to the home. If you have made alterations, such as adding a room, you will need to add that square footage to the original home's number. Should you be unable to locate a document with the footage, you can calculate it by multiplying the home's width by its length.

When was the home manufactured?

Mobile homes made during or after October 1994 have had to meet a higher standard for insulation. This means that older homes may need a bit more cooling power. If you have an older mobile home, you might need to consult with a contractor who has experience with HVAC systems for mobile homes.

Here are some more tips to help you find the right system:
  1. Purchase your unit from a company that specializes in mobile home parts. A unit built for a traditional home often costs more for the same capacity than a unit designed specifically for mobile homes.
  2. A package unit that includes the furnace is typically a better investment than trying to purchase the heating and cooling units separately.
  3. The permanent tag affixed to your mobile home may indicate the size of cooling system that the manufacturer recommended. These are often stated in terms of BTUs, while systems are normally stated in tons. To convert, divide the BTUs by 12,000. To illustrate, if the tag recommends a unit not to exceed 36,000 BTUs, you will likely need a three-ton central unit.
  4. Purchase a unit with a rating of at least 13 SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Higher SEER ratings indicate better energy efficiency. If you live in a hotter climate, you will likely be better off to purchase a unit rated at 16 SEER.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Perfect Garden Tub for Your Bathroom

The perfect bathtub can be a sanctuary that allows you to forget about the stresses of your day. As such, choosing a tub for your bathroom comes down to a few things: space, design and comfort. When trying to distinguish between different types of tubs, it’s key to note that Garden tubs offer several advantages over traditional tubs and come with plenty of space to enhance your bathing experience. Garden tubs integrate into larger mobile home master bathrooms, have wide, deep sides and typically lack a shower head and jets. However, the garden tub offered by is available in a Whirlpool model by special order.

Because of its dimensions, this model requires a lot of space and becomes the focal point in the master bathroom. In fact, its 54x40-inch size makes it easily visible from the bedroom and creates an oasis appeal from a distance.

Designed with a slip-resistant floor, this tub ensures maximum safety for kids, adults and seniors when stepping into and out of the bath using the built-in step. Because of its fiberglass construction, it holds up well to years of consistent use and cleans easily with regular tub cleaner.

Available in white or almond color, this tub complements any modern or traditional bathroom setting. Lastly, its deep volume provides total body submersion, which is hard to find in traditional tubs.

Soaking in a hot bath relaxes your mind, relieves stress, and helps reduce aches and pain. Make sure to give yourself every opportunity to enjoy moments like these by installing a high-quality garden tub in your mobile home. You won’t regret it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Give Your Mobile Home More Curb Appeal

Transform your mobile home's exterior for maximum curb appeal with our selection of mobile home parts. You probably spend a lot of time decorating the inside of your home and making sure the decor complements each room, but how much effort goes into the outside of your mobile home? With just a few items and a sunny weekend, you can create an entirely new look and enhance your home in no time.

Start With Landscaping

Create a new entranceway to your front door with a series of stepping stones in the yard. To each side, plant a row of flowers and small shrubs to accentuate the new walking path. In addition, have the stepping stones lead to fiberglass steps for a brand new look.

New fiberglass steps make your mobile home more inviting, and their 12-inch depth offers an easy, comfortable way for you and your visitors to enter your home. Because our steps have a slip-resistant surface and mimic the look of stone, they provide safety in wet conditions and match the look of your new stepping stones.

For even more visual appeal, add our decorative stair railings to your fiberglass steps. Depending on your mobile home's entrance, you can choose between single and dual railings. Adding railings not only creates a pleasant look but also improves safety for everyone who walks up the steps.

Create a Solid Foundation

Give your mobile home the look of a solid foundation with vinyl skirting panels. Skirting panels not only create a uniform appearance around your mobile home, but they also keep out unwanted pests and animals and protect your home from damage. Furthermore, they prevent rainwater from blowing in and causing soil erosion under your home.

Vinyl skirting panels benefit your home in other ways, from offering weatherproofing to adding a pop of color. In fact, skirting panels come in a variety of colors and instantly breathe new life into your mobile home. If you add stepping stones and fiberglass steps, pick skirting panels with a pebblestone color to complement your new additions.

With new steps, stones and skirting in place, step back and view your mobile home's transformation. Accentuate your exterior even more with louvered or raised-panel shutters, and tie the look together with a brand new vinyl-steel combination door. From fiberglass steps to vinyl skirting, upgrade your home's exterior with the help of

Friday, June 20, 2014

Energy Savings Tips for Summer

When summer arrives, it is time to deal with the warm outside temperatures. Often, this means running the air conditioner to stay cool indoors. When living in a mobile home, this can cause a great increase in electric bill costs. To avoid the expense and be friendlier to the environment, it will be helpful to learn some tips to save energy.

Seal Doors and Windows

As summer approaches, it will be important to stay cool. When the air conditioner is on, it is imperative for the cool air to remain inside. Often, mobile homes have poorly sealed doors and windows. This allows warm air to enter and cold air to escape. In the end, the air conditioner will have to run harder to maintain the same temperature.

To make sure these leaks do not occur, it is wise to inspect the spaces surrounding the mobile home's doors and windows. If it is not possible to block the leaks, it may be time to select new windows or doors. Besides being energy efficient, the numerous style choices will update the look of a home as well.

Maintain the Air Conditioning Unit

The best way to make sure an air conditioner is ready for summer is to perform regular maintenance on the unit. The most common chore that assures few problems is cleaning the filter. Every few months, it may be wise to invest in a new filter. Not only will the unit function better, it will also save energy as well.

Replace the Light Bulbs

Although summer is a season filled with sunlight, it will still be necessary to turn on the lamps from time to time. To make things more energy efficient, it is possible to replace old light bulbs with newer energy saving fluorescent models. These bulbs use up to a quarter less energy than traditional bulbs. Lowering the energy usage will create a nice savings at the end of each month.

Cover the Windows

A smart way to keep the heat from the sun out of a mobile home is to keep the windows covered. Window blinds are easy to hang and do not interfere with existing curtains. They will increase privacy and help keep interior temperatures lower. This means that an air conditioner will not need to work as hard. These blinds are available in various sizes to accommodate all windows as well.

Coat the Roof

Something most people forget about is the roof of a home. However, this is one of the first places to consider taking measures to save energy. Many products on the market are made to coat the roof of a mobile home and reflect the warmth of the sun. This will keep interior temperature much lower. A white roof coating will reflect up to 85 percent of the sun's rays. This type of product is simple to apply, especially with a quality roof coating brush and handle.

Use Appliances Wisely

To save energy during the summertime, it is vital to understand how to use appliances wisely. For instance, to keep indoor temperatures down, it is wise to run the dishwasher or dryer at night. It is also better to cook dinner on the barbecue instead of baking in the oven. Lastly, it is important to unplug appliances or other electronics when they are not in use.

Setting the Thermostat Correctly

When your air conditioner is connected to your thermostat, remember to set the temperature to the highest level possible that maintains comfort. It is recommended to set the dial at 78 degrees or higher when at home and 85 degrees while away. This will prevent the A/C unit from running when it is not necessary. It may also be helpful to turn the hot water heater to 120 degrees. Both of these measures will help save energy during summer months.


The best way to make a mobile home energy efficient is to add insulation under the roof and underneath the base. This will protect the home from the elements and help maintain the interior temperatures. In other words, it will remain warm in winter and cool in the summer.

The above tips should help a person save energy in a mobile home during the warm months of summer. They require simple effort but will bring many positive benefits. In the end, using less energy will lower monthly utility bills and help the environment as well.