Monday, July 28, 2014

Give Your Mobile Home More Curb Appeal

Transform your mobile home's exterior for maximum curb appeal with our selection of mobile home parts. You probably spend a lot of time decorating the inside of your home and making sure the decor complements each room, but how much effort goes into the outside of your mobile home? With just a few items and a sunny weekend, you can create an entirely new look and enhance your home in no time.

Start With Landscaping

Create a new entranceway to your front door with a series of stepping stones in the yard. To each side, plant a row of flowers and small shrubs to accentuate the new walking path. In addition, have the stepping stones lead to fiberglass steps for a brand new look.

New fiberglass steps make your mobile home more inviting, and their 12-inch depth offers an easy, comfortable way for you and your visitors to enter your home. Because our steps have a slip-resistant surface and mimic the look of stone, they provide safety in wet conditions and match the look of your new stepping stones.

For even more visual appeal, add our decorative stair railings to your fiberglass steps. Depending on your mobile home's entrance, you can choose between single and dual railings. Adding railings not only creates a pleasant look but also improves safety for everyone who walks up the steps.

Create a Solid Foundation

Give your mobile home the look of a solid foundation with vinyl skirting panels. Skirting panels not only create a uniform appearance around your mobile home, but they also keep out unwanted pests and animals and protect your home from damage. Furthermore, they prevent rainwater from blowing in and causing soil erosion under your home.

Vinyl skirting panels benefit your home in other ways, from offering weatherproofing to adding a pop of color. In fact, skirting panels come in a variety of colors and instantly breathe new life into your mobile home. If you add stepping stones and fiberglass steps, pick skirting panels with a pebblestone color to complement your new additions.

With new steps, stones and skirting in place, step back and view your mobile home's transformation. Accentuate your exterior even more with louvered or raised-panel shutters, and tie the look together with a brand new vinyl-steel combination door. From fiberglass steps to vinyl skirting, upgrade your home's exterior with the help of


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