Friday, June 20, 2014

Energy Savings Tips for Summer

When summer arrives, it is time to deal with the warm outside temperatures. Often, this means running the air conditioner to stay cool indoors. When living in a mobile home, this can cause a great increase in electric bill costs. To avoid the expense and be friendlier to the environment, it will be helpful to learn some tips to save energy.

Seal Doors and Windows

As summer approaches, it will be important to stay cool. When the air conditioner is on, it is imperative for the cool air to remain inside. Often, mobile homes have poorly sealed doors and windows. This allows warm air to enter and cold air to escape. In the end, the air conditioner will have to run harder to maintain the same temperature.

To make sure these leaks do not occur, it is wise to inspect the spaces surrounding the mobile home's doors and windows. If it is not possible to block the leaks, it may be time to select new windows or doors. Besides being energy efficient, the numerous style choices will update the look of a home as well.

Maintain the Air Conditioning Unit

The best way to make sure an air conditioner is ready for summer is to perform regular maintenance on the unit. The most common chore that assures few problems is cleaning the filter. Every few months, it may be wise to invest in a new filter. Not only will the unit function better, it will also save energy as well.

Replace the Light Bulbs

Although summer is a season filled with sunlight, it will still be necessary to turn on the lamps from time to time. To make things more energy efficient, it is possible to replace old light bulbs with newer energy saving fluorescent models. These bulbs use up to a quarter less energy than traditional bulbs. Lowering the energy usage will create a nice savings at the end of each month.

Cover the Windows

A smart way to keep the heat from the sun out of a mobile home is to keep the windows covered. Window blinds are easy to hang and do not interfere with existing curtains. They will increase privacy and help keep interior temperatures lower. This means that an air conditioner will not need to work as hard. These blinds are available in various sizes to accommodate all windows as well.

Coat the Roof

Something most people forget about is the roof of a home. However, this is one of the first places to consider taking measures to save energy. Many products on the market are made to coat the roof of a mobile home and reflect the warmth of the sun. This will keep interior temperature much lower. A white roof coating will reflect up to 85 percent of the sun's rays. This type of product is simple to apply, especially with a quality roof coating brush and handle.

Use Appliances Wisely

To save energy during the summertime, it is vital to understand how to use appliances wisely. For instance, to keep indoor temperatures down, it is wise to run the dishwasher or dryer at night. It is also better to cook dinner on the barbecue instead of baking in the oven. Lastly, it is important to unplug appliances or other electronics when they are not in use.

Setting the Thermostat Correctly

When your air conditioner is connected to your thermostat, remember to set the temperature to the highest level possible that maintains comfort. It is recommended to set the dial at 78 degrees or higher when at home and 85 degrees while away. This will prevent the A/C unit from running when it is not necessary. It may also be helpful to turn the hot water heater to 120 degrees. Both of these measures will help save energy during summer months.


The best way to make a mobile home energy efficient is to add insulation under the roof and underneath the base. This will protect the home from the elements and help maintain the interior temperatures. In other words, it will remain warm in winter and cool in the summer.

The above tips should help a person save energy in a mobile home during the warm months of summer. They require simple effort but will bring many positive benefits. In the end, using less energy will lower monthly utility bills and help the environment as well.

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