Monday, June 2, 2014

Five Upgrades for Your Mobile Home Kitchen

Some people decide to upgrade a mobile home and add personalized touches to the space. This eliminates the factory-made appearance. Since most budgets are tight, a great room to consider renovating is the kitchen. This is the area that is used the most and tends to become a gathering point during parties or family get togethers. Here are five upgrades that will create a unique look in a mobile home's kitchen without breaking the bank.

Change the Faucets

For an instant upgrade to a mobile home's kitchen, it is wise to replace the sink faucet. This is one of the most affordable upgrades as well. Few people realize the big impact that results from replacing such a small fixture. It is possible to choose from a wide variety of fancy faucet options. For instance, choosing a brushed metal or chrome finish will bring shine and class to the room. Selecting a gooseneck design with teapot handles will add elegance to any kitchen.

When changing a faucet in a mobile home, it is wise to replace the stiff water lines as well. The ends of the lines often crack and cause leaks. Replacement will prevent problems down the road.

Replace the Ceiling

One of the first places a mobile home's kitchen begins to show its age is the ceiling. There are numerous ways to upgrade this item. If no leaks are present, it is easy to apply a coat of paint over the area. Many mobile homes have unflattering "popcorn" designs as well. This can be easily removed with some sanding. If it is necessary to replace the ceiling due to water damage, there are some great panel options available. For example, many designs include attractive texturing and code-approved moisture retarder that will not sag.

Consider New Cabinets or Refacing

Many cabinets found in mobile homes are commonly made from pressed boards instead of strong plywood. This can become an eyesore that must be replaced. However, solid wood can be expensive and heavy. To cut the cost, there are numerous discount retailers that provide a wide variety of options. It is essential to hang them correctly and with the right tools, so the cabinets remain on the wall without falling.

If a person is buying new cabinets, it may be smart to purchase a few extra. These will make a wonderful base for a kitchen island. To complete the look, a piece of laminate countertop or wood can be applied to the top.

If the cabinet frames are solid, it may be possible to resurface the existing doors and save a great deal of money. Painting or using a wood laminate covering will definitely boost the appeal in the kitchen. A nice touch would be adding a few glass inserts into the existing cabinet doors as well.

Install New Appliances

Besides improving the overall aesthetics of a mobile home's kitchen, installing new appliances will make it function better as well. There are a wide variety of colors and materials available. Stainless steel is extremely modern and will add a very space-aged feel to the kitchen. Matching the stove and refrigerator will give a great uniform look. It may be wise to install a new sink as well. Sinks are usually inexpensive. A shiny new sink will provide extra appeal to the room. However, it is important to make sure the unit is made for use in a mobile home.

Replace the Floor and Backsplash

Most original mobile home flooring is made of particle board. This breaks down easily and absorbs water, which makes it a poor choice in a kitchen. Often, this material soaks up wetness and begins to rot. Many times, the floor begins to feel like a sponge.

Even if the floor seems like it is in good condition, cheap linoleum is usually used as the floor covering. To update the look, it will be necessary to get rid of the old flooring. This includes the sub-flooring as well. After the particle board is removed, a layer of plywood should be nailed into place. Vinyl tile will be the cheapest and most durable covering choice. It is possible to select a tile for both the floor and a new backsplash. This will tie the design into the whole decor of the room. A great way to finish the room is with a decorative crown molding.

When a person is upgrading a mobile home's kitchen, the above tips should provide some creative ideas. Although space is commonly limited, it is possible to make the most out of every inch and create a functional and modern room.


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