Thursday, June 19, 2014

8 Items to Keep Your Mobile Home Safe

Safety is one of the top concerns for mobile-home owners as well as for conventional-home owners. A thorough inspection of your mobile home may reveal some features you can upgrade and some features you can add that will increase the safety of your family and guests.

Smoke and Carbon-Monoxide Alarms

Early warning systems are important features that help save lives and property, and we have a good selection of alarms that will give you peace of mind concerning fire, smoke and carbon monoxide. Keep a smoke alarm near every sleeping room and living area and select electric or battery-powered detectors. Protect your family from carbon-monoxide poisoning by purchasing a carbon-monoxide detector as well. Our carbon-monoxide detectors powered by lithium batteries have sensor-life monitors, electrochemical sensors and are resistant to tampering. Additionally, a combo alarm combines a smoke detector and a carbon-monoxide detector in one unit for economy and efficiency.

Fire Extinguishers

Made especially for kitchen fires, our kitchen fire extinguishers are effective for electrical, oil and flammable-liquid fires. The fire-fighting contents of the extinguishers are not corrosive and surfaces with which they come in contact are easy to clean.

Our heavy-duty, multipurpose fire extinguishers are rechargeable and valuable tools for controlling fires fueled by electricity, liquids, paper, wood and trash. Keep them in convenient locations where you can reach them quickly if necessary.


Well-lit spaces provide extra measures of safety both inside and outside your mobile home. Exterior lighting discourages intruders by making your home more visible and less attractive to anyone with criminal intentions. Further, you can walk around outside without stumbling on objects left in your driveway or on the sidewalk when you have adequate outdoor lighting, and our lighted assist handles help you locate doors easily. Sufficient indoor lighting helps prevent tripping or stumbling in your home after the sun goes down. We have a wide range of light fixtures, bulbs and shades, including dome lights, ceiling lights, the popular Europa lights, appliance bulbs, chandelier bulbs, a variety of outdoor and indoor shades and even skylights.

Railings and Steps

Guarding against falls at the entries to your home is easy and inexpensive when you install railings along the steps. Our rail mounts have pre-drilled holes for faster installation, and prices start at less than $30. If your steps are cracked or broken, replace them with our fiberglass steps that have textured, slip-resistant surfaces to give a better foothold in any weather. Receding risers allow the steps to offer 12 inches of space for feet and provide a contemporary appearance as well.

Doors, Guards and Viewers

In addition to our standard, manufactured-home doors, we offer doors made of thick, high-quality, vinyl-laminated, galvanized steel to provide greater protection. Comparable to those on site-built homes, the doors have additional value because they feature insulation of energy-efficient polyurethane, and you can add one of our decorative door lights to enhance the appearance of the doors.

Our doorknockers include viewers that let you see who is on the other side of your doors before you open them, and chain guards allow you to open doors enough to speak to people without admitting them into your home.


Locks provide security for your family and your possessions. We have an array of locks, including single and double-cylinder, stainless or brass dead bolts, storm-door closers and latches and patio-door locks, and we offer the kits that make installation simple.


Mobile homes constructed in factories and delivered to their home sites do not have as much structural support as do standard homes built on site. Because mobile homes are lighter, which makes them easy to transport, they may not be sturdy enough to withstand the winds of a strong tornado. Although it is best to get out of mobile homes if threatened by a tornado, it may not always be possible to leave before a storm hits the area. There are ways to make your home safer during extremely windy conditions, including anchoring it down securely. In addition, you can prevent outdoor sheds and other heavy objects like swing sets from becoming flying missiles if you anchor them into the ground as well.

We have the supplies you need to secure your home, like anchor machines and adapters, anchor/stabilizers, patio anchors, J-rod concrete anchors, eye anchors, rock anchors and rods, double-helix anchors, double-head anchors and stabilizer plates.

Warning Signs

Because mobile homes are relatively easy to transport, you may want to literally move your home when you transfer to another location, and our moving and setup equipment will help you make the move safely and efficiently. Tarp straps, longitudinal struts and beam clamps are some of the supplies you will need. If you plan to transport the home yourself, you will also want items to promote safety on the road, like red flags, light bars or strobe beacons and signs warning other motorists about your large load.


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