Monday, April 28, 2014

Bathroom Upgrades For The Spring

Give your home more than a fresh coat of paint this spring. With our vast selection of mobile home parts, you'll be able to completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom at heavily discounted prices. Whether you install a deep and relaxing soaking tub or a spacious shower, you'll want to stay in your bathroom all day.

Enough Room to Stretch Your Legs

Space is always a concern, so we carry a wide variety of tub dimensions to fit any bathroom. Our 54-inch bathtubs are perfect for smaller bathrooms while our 60-inch models, designed for your Master Bathroom, allow you to stretch out.

Because it's made from fiberglass, it's both durable and lightweight, making it easy to install and even easier to enjoy. With multiple drain and color options, you can pick out a tub to fit your bathroom's existing plumbing and decor without costly upgrades.

For homeowners who want more room to kick back, we recommend the 60-inch drop-in tub, which holds a whopping 48 gallons of water. While the 42-inch wide tub won't fit in every bathroom, the 23.5-inch depth can't be beat. We guarantee that you've never experienced a more comfortable bath.

Beautiful Shower Surrounds for Less

We carry surrounds for both tubs and shower pans. Made from either ABS or fiberglass, surrounds complete your bathroom's look while protecting your walls and floor from water damage, which can cause rust, rot, and mold.

Our surrounds also come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, so you can match your bathtub. We recommend choosing your tub and surround at the same time, so you can pick out a surround that fits your tub's style.

Some models come in multiple sections, allowing you to compensate for different dimensions, and if you need extra storage, look at surrounds with integrated shelves. You can add shelves and caddies later, but it's easier and cheaper to purchase surrounds that already include them.

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Looking forward to spring cleaning? Nobody else is, but don't worry — we believe that spring is meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Nobody should be stuck inside cleaning day in and day out.

Our bathtubs, shower pans, and surrounds are all coated in high-gloss resins to make them incredibly easy to clean. You'll have less mold, soap, and hard water buildup, and a light cleaning once a month should be sufficient to keep your new bathroom sparkling.

Many of our tubs come with five-year warranties and when they arrive in one piece, you probably won't run into any issues down the road. Each tub goes through a four-step quality control process to eliminate defects and ensure that your tub will last for decades.

No More Shower Curtains

Let the light in! No spring renovation is complete without a brand new glass shower or bath door, which brightens up any bathroom. A shower curtain makes your bathroom feel smaller than it really is, but a glass door makes it feel more spacious.

Have you ever tried to clean a shower curtain? They're all but impossible to scrub, but glass doors are a breeze to keep spot-free. Spray them with your favorite cleaning solution, and quickly wipe them off with a rag or squeegee. Integrated handles and drips make our shower doors a snap to install, and they come in sizes ranging from 27 to 54 inches.

Faucets, Shower Heads, and Other Fixtures

Now that your spring upgrade is almost complete, it's time to start putting the finishing touches on your bathroom. We carry a variety of faucets and shower heads specifically designed for mobile homes. With integrated valves, you can install these fixtures in minutes and begin enjoying them almost immediately.

Each faucet comes in polished chrome, nickel, oil rubbed bronze or antique brass finish for a sharp look that's also easy to clean. Hard water spots come off in seconds with a little vinegar, and you'll be able to keep your fixtures bright and shiny with next to no effort.

The Right Fit With The Right Plumbing

Just as important as the quality of your bathtub is the quality of your plumbing. Our drains and accessories keep your water flowing in one direction. Each piece is made from either high-quality brass or plastic, which won't corrode over time and start leaking.

Flanges and molding keep water from penetrating your walls and floor, and we even carry repair kits to patch up holes and cracks in your bathtub or shower surround. Whether you're repairing an existing bathroom or completely renovating it, our plumbing parts will ensure worry-free operation for years to come.

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